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7) Frank Stoldt 
Chicago & Berlin
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7-20-2014 10:40 AM Host: Send E-mail

Dear Mister Scott:

I have contacted the proper US Army authorities about the Mafia murders of both Eric Routley and William Albright (among many, many others) so you need to be cognizant that an international investigation is on-going ... outside the FBI ... for everyone's "social security" from "the millions" of The MC.

Pastor Frank Stoldt
6) Frank Stoldt 
Chicago and Berlin
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7-19-2014 01:39 PM Host: Send E-mail

Dear Mister Scott:

You might want to speak with Edmond Browning & Michael Burk as well as Carl Daw & Thomas Pavlechko have them tell you ... "the rest of the story" ... of my family's missing Bach manuscripts in Germany, the Ark of the Covenant in Oakbrook, IL, the forthcoming ELBW (2017), the Common Anglican Mass for Rite II by John Merbecke, and the true and complete genealogy my parents "gifted" me that has caused them all to try to murder me for the past 11 years right in front of my cousin, Queen Elizabeth II, and the US Army.

Pastor Frank Stoldt, age 55 and alive

Stay safe!
5) Andrew Hill 
Fort Collins, CO
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7-13-2014 09:10 PM Host: Send E-mail

Just wanted to let you know that I admire your work.
4) Greg Parker 
Lexington, Virginia
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7-7-2014 10:06 AM IP: Send E-mail

Lee, I would love to reconnect with you. I will direct the NC Baptist All-State Youth Choir next week. They close all of their concerts with your setting of "Write Your Blessed Name". Thanks for your great work as a composer and teacher! Greg Parker, Samford Class of 1987.
3) Michael P. Oliver 
Dixon, CA 95620
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5-16-2014 08:41 PM Host: Send E-mail

Family Radio Stations have brought me great and inspirational music for 30 years. The Lee Scott Singers play more than often therein, and I am eternally grateful for this majestic opportunity to so do. As we come further into a time of turmoil, angst and desperation; your music stands alone in it's ability to bring me to the presence of the Eternal Creator. Thank You.
2) Michael Spatz 
Golden, CO
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5-14-2014 07:43 AM Host: Send E-mail

Just sang the Lux Aeterna. Loved it. Pie Jesu was a joy to sing.
1) Gary Ingram 
Helena AL
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3-28-2014 10:02 PM Host: Send E-mail

Thanks again to all the guestbook spammers (NOT)! I have had to restart the guestbook with a lot of security. Still trying to bring forward the 30 or so legitimate comments etc. Till then if you don't see your post, post again and give a special thanks to the inconsiderate folks that think they are not wasting their time spamming guestbooks.
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