K. Lee Scott

Teacher, Musician and Composer of sacred music, choral music and hymns.

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(Hinshaw Music. Inc ASCAP)

I. Blessed Are the Dead
2 At the Round Earth's Imagin'd Corners

(Lindsey Tuller, soprano)
3. Search Me. 0 God*
4. A Vision of Heaven

(Dewin Tibbs. baritone)
5. A City Radiant as a Bride"

6 The Lord Is My Shepherd

7 That Blessed Dependancy




Selected Anthems by K. Lee Scott

[Hinshaw Music Inc unless indicated otherwise]


8 Above the Stars

9 Christ Is Now Arisen

10 Who at My Door Is Standing
I I The Apple Tree (Stanley M Nelson, soloist)
12 Now Glad of Heart
13 Voluntary on "Shades Mountain '(Gary R Smoke organist)(MorningStar Music Publishers)
14 Bright Mansions Above
(Gentry Publications)
15. The Tree of Life
(MorningStar Music Publishers)